Build a Hex Bug Maze!

Hex bugs are a lot of fun to play with, and building your own mazes for the bugs to travel through can also be tons of fun! This weekend, why not take a look through your recycling bin, salvage a few materials, and get building! If you are a Lego fan, you could use that too! Watch the video below to see the maze above in action and then head over to Frugal Fun for more building info!


Build A Lego Drawing Machine

Lego + some coloured pens + a motor  = Spirograph, 2017 style!

Head over to Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls to see how it’s done. And, while you’re there, check out other cool things to do!

Make It and Get Outside!


Ray Bethell has got kite flying down to an art. He is a professional kite flyer who holds world records for flying multiple stunt kites. Watch him in action in this video:

Impressive!! Your turn now! With just a few common items, you can make your own kites and then head outside to practise your own stunt flying skills. Who knows?… maybe Ray had better watch out for you!! Use the Garbage Bag Kite link for instructions and get started!

Garbage Bag Kite

You Can Make This!

Want to learn about electricity? Already know a bit and want to experiment? Enjoy using Snap Circuits? Well, you can build a simple circuit using a pizza box and a few common materials!

For detailed instructions on how to build the circuit, head to Instructables. Then, collect your stuff and build. But wait, what if you don’t have a white or blue LED, a Light Dependent Resistor, or a Piezoelectric buzzer, AND you can’t make a quick trip to the hardware store? Time to INNOVATE! Be imaginative and creative… what can you substitute? Oh, and don’t forget – have some fun!