Build A Lego Drawing Machine

Lego + some coloured pens + a motor  = Spirograph, 2017 style!

Head over to Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls to see how it’s done. And, while you’re there, check out other cool things to do!


Make It and Get Outside!


Ray Bethell has got kite flying down to an art. He is a professional kite flyer who holds world records for flying multiple stunt kites. Watch him in action in this video:

Impressive!! Your turn now! With just a few common items, you can make your own kites and then head outside to practise your own stunt flying skills. Who knows?… maybe Ray had better watch out for you!! Use the Garbage Bag Kite link for instructions and get started!

Garbage Bag Kite

Canada 150 Student Poetry Contest

Printpoetry contest details

And Don’t Forget!! 

The It’s All Write and Judge A Book By It’s Cover contests end in 2 weeks – Saturday, April 8th by 5pm!

Keep reading all the blue spruce, silver birch, and red maple books you can for the Forest of Reading challenge that runs all year!




Tiny Treehouses


Ever dreamed of building a treehouse? Well, you don’t need a huge backyard tree! Artist Jedediah Voltz has created a series of miniature treehouses called “Somewhere Small”.  He uses found objects he has collected and then builds his treehouses in houseplants. So far, he has built 25 tiny treehouses. Hop on over to Colossal to see more photos!

What would your tiny treehouse look like? Grab a piece of paper and begin to dream… and then, start collecting your building materials!!