Calling All Cat Lovers

(Yes, Ms. D, this one is for you and all your fellow Cat Lovers!)

Watch more videos from Jun Yoshizuki and his cats, Haku, Poki, and Nagi, on his YouTube Channel JansKitchen!


Squirrel Talk


Today begins our Fall season and I think the squirrels are becoming busier and busier stashing away food for the long winter. I love watching squirrels and, while their hands and mouth are busy gathering, I’ve often wondered exactly what their other end was doing — yes, I’m talking about their flickering tails! If you’ve always wanted to know more about squirrels, especially about what they are saying and how they are feeling, watch Deep Look’s video!

Want to know more? Head on over to KQED Science to read all about animal behaviourist Mikel Delgado‘s work with squirrels!

Why Not Smile?

I taught grade 5 for many years and always had a class pet hamster – one of my favourite rodents. Although, I love rodents, so it IS hard to choose a favourite! Wouldn’t you love to play with this furball at recess?

The last part of the video is a sneak peek into the workshop and process that created this cool playground. Gets me thinking that I’d like to collect some ‘stuff’ and start building my own creations.

Then, all I’ll need is a hamster!