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CBC News for Kids

CBC Kids News is a brand new offering from CBC Kids, created to be an extension of the trusted CBC News brand aimed at kids aged 9 to 13. We know kids have questions about the world they live in, and we also know that kids benefit from developing media literacy skills — that’s part of why CBC Kids News exists. Canadian kids have access to more information than ever, and CBC Kids News will be a trusted, reliable source of news and context. CBC Kids News will also be a place to find balanced, objective and credible information about the stories that matter most to kids. It will cover real news stories that impact kids’ lives in a way that is age-appropriate and engaging.

Here are some of the things you might want to know about CBC Kids News as you decide whether it’s a good fit for your child.

What kind of content will CBC Kids News cover?

  • Local, regional, national and international news that Canadian kids aged 9 to 13 are curious about.
  • Daily news content will be published across multiple platforms, and longer-form contextual pieces will also roll out regularly.
  • Some of the topics the site will cover include News, Sports, Pop Culture, Animals and the Environment.
  • Stories will be presented as videos, interactive features (quizzes, polls, etc.) and text/image stories.

Will news about violence or tragedy be covered?

Because this is a real news service, the intention is to cover the stories that kids are talking about in classrooms, school yards and at dinner tables across the country. Sometimes that will mean covering stories that are sad, scary or upsetting. However, these stories will always be covered in a way that is safe and age-appropriate. CBC Kids News will provide resources and information that will help kids unpack the news objectively, while also making sure they have access to the information they need to feel adequately informed and empowered. There will also be, whenever possible and appropriate, an emphasis on the positive aspects of any news story.

How is it being ensured that CBC Kids News is suitable for kids?

There has already been extensive consultation with educators and researchers in the planning stages of CBC Kids News to ensure that the service is age-appropriate and the content is compelling. Most importantly, though, there has been extensive discussion and planning with kids themselves. Kids have been consulted at every stage of the development of CBC Kids News, and will continue to be involved by way of focus groups as well as an editorial board made up of Canadian kids aged 9 to 13. CBC Kids News is above all else a service for kids — it is fundamental that it be informed and influenced by kids themselves on an ongoing basis.



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